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Jodi Carlton, B.S., M.Ed. - Adult Neurodiverse Expert & Relationship Coach


Meet Debbie King, another neurodiverse relationship coach.


The Three C's

for a successful relationship...


Are you confused about your partner, yourself, and your relationship?



Does it feel like you're speaking different languages?


Do you long to be heard and understood?


Autism Spectrum-Informed

We have decades of combined experience as therapists focusing on adult autism spectrum relationships.  This is something that other coaches and therapists just don't have.

Proven & Unique Resource

Our unique coaching program is helping men and women finally gain clarity and make choices in their relationship that no other resource has provided

Survive Or Thrive

Don't just survive in a bad relationship! 

- determine if one of you is actually on the autism spectrum

- discern the true potential of your relationship

Hello my friend.  I'm Jodi. 

You've found your way here, so that tells me you are confused and hurting.

Maybe you don't even know much about the autism spectrum, and you're pretty scared - because a lot of what you've read is daunting.  Or maybe you've known about autism for a while, but you're worn out.  

I understand you.  I've been there, myself.

I've met countless men and women who are in relationships like yours.  You are my people, and I'm here to help.

I want you to know that it IS POSSIBLE to have a satisfying, and fulfilling, autism spectrum relationship....

Traditional counseling hasn't helped you though. It has probably made things worse because those models weren't designed for autism spectrum relationships. I know - I was trained as a therapist, and worked as a licensed counselor for twenty years.

Unfortunately, some of you will not have success in your relationships, though, and it's really critical to figure out if you have a chance of making it work.

I understand that YOU REALLY NEED HELP knowing if a fulfilling relationship is even possible for you, and if it IS.....HOW?!

...and THAT is why I founded Spectrum Relationships.


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"Wow, I honestly feel like a different person. I am gaining confidence and taking control of my happiness, my future, and my family. "

Jennifer K.
Neurotypical Spouse - Married 12 years

"I have been lost for years and didn’t know where to find help. I’ve got that now thanks to you."

Patricia C.
Neurotypical Partner - Together 8 years

"This is unlike other coaching/counseling I have had and feel that it has been very productive."

Greg P.
Asperger's Spouse - Married 24 years

"I finally feel like there is some direction to work towards."

Margaret H.
Neurotypical Spouse - Married 23 years

"My wife and I thought I had Asperger's and it turns out I don't. You helped us figure that out and fix the issues in our relationship that were actually causing us problems. "

Jason K.
Neurotypical married to Neurotypical - 19 years

"Your advice is already paying dividends in just a few weeks. Thank you so much!!"

Richard B.
Asperger's Spouse - 7 years

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*The diagnostic term for "Asperger's" was replaced with "Autism - Mild/Level 1" in 2013 by the American Psychiatric Association in the publication of the DSM-5.  Many clinicians and individuals also reference it as "High Functioning Autism."  We use all of these terms interchangeably on this site.


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