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The cost is far less than the expense of divorce, but the measurable change in your quality of life is truly impossible to value.

This private coaching intensive is with me, Jodi Carlton, personally, and is for:

👉  couples who are truly ready for relationship clarity and connection.

👉  couples who need confirmation about the presence of autism/Asperger's in one or both partners.

👉  couples on the brink of divorce.

👉  couples who aren't considering divorce, but are stuck in cycling conflict resulting in increasing disconnection.

During your 2-month intensive, you will:

💥  Meet with me on zoom, individually, AND as a couple in the first several weeks (and beyond, if we determine it would benefit you) to discuss your specific relationship dynamics, and to identify personalized relationship growth and change strategies to implement immediately. Typical couples meet with me for approximately 16-20 total private coaching sessions. Private coaching clients get priority scheduling, and can book same day calls when needed.

💥  Have access to me via messaging DAILY, excluding weekends. I will guide and coach you as you live your lives and interact.

💥  Complete the Communication Transformation program with me as your private guide - if you've already been through it, we will apply it to your personal relationship. This program is fundamental for couples to learn HOW to connect.

💥  Receive lifetime access to the Spectrum Straight Talk Library and the Communication Transformation LIVE coaching group, as well as VIP discounts on other webinars and courses.

💥  Receive lifetime access to on-going coaching sessions with me on an hourly, session by session, basis after completing your 2-month intensive ($125/session).

At the end of 2 months, you will:

⭐️  Have clarity regarding the presence and impact of autism/Asperger's in your relationship.

⭐️  Have significantly reduced conflict in your relationship through implementing the communication strategies that you have learned.

⭐️  Experience RELIEF from years of pain.

⭐️  Have clarity regarding the future of your relationship AND a plan for where to go, and what to do next.

⭐️  Be UNDERSTOOD....and you will understand your partner in a way you never have.

A consultation is required for you to apply to this program (due to the highly intensive nature of the program, I only accept a few couples at any given time):

Consultation Cost: $175

Program Cost: $3200

There is typically a wait to begin this program, so if you've been considering it, complete an application form to get started.

Click below to start your application (There is no fee to apply for a consultation).


"I'll meet you right where you are...and help you get where you want to be..."

Jodi Carlton, Autism Spectrum Expert & Relationship Coach

Hello, my friend.  I'm Jodi.

You've found your way here, so that tells me you are confused and hurting.

Maybe you don't know much about the autism spectrum, but it sounds pretty scary.

I understand you.  I've been there, myself.  

I've met countless men and women who are in relationships like yours.  You are my people and I'm here to help.

My goal is to help you get things figured out.

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