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"..this is what I've seen actually work for women in autism spectrum relationships..."

Jodi Carlton, Autism Spectrum Expert & Relationship Coach

I'll share my personal spectrum relationship journey of loss and love in your very first lesson.

Hello Friend,

I want to share with you my very personal story of how I lost my 19 year marriage, and then almost lost ​​​​the man who is the greatest love of my life - and how autism played a major role in all of it.

...how counseling made things worse.  

It's a story that you could practically write, yourself.​​  I know, because I hear a similar story from the women I help over and over again.

BUT, my story is different than yours because I was determined to understand why counseling (my own profession) had failed me so miserably in my relationships - and I did!  

​​.....but, even better, I discovered EXACTLY how to have a close and connected relationship with my wonderful guy.  

​​And then I began helping other women, like you, in their own autism spectrum relationships.

In the first lesson of your Guided Coaching Modules, I tell the whole story of my own journey, and how I figured out how to have the close connection that I've always wanted with my guy, and how that has now led me to helping so many other women.

I'd really love to help you, too.





  • Closing the Communication Gap
  • Putting a Stop to Toxic Conflict
  • You're Not Crazy and He's Not a Jerk
  • Sex and Pillow Talk!
  • Feeling Loved When Your Partner Doesn't Feel Emotion Like You Do
  • Diagnosis..and How it Can be a Fatal Mistake for Your Relationship
  • Sensory Differences and How They are Affected Your Relationship More than You Realize
  • Great Expectations - and How You've Been Set Up for Disappointment

Discover life-altering new ways to transform your relationship to get the connection, and feel the love, that you've always wanted.

Hello, my friend.  I'm Jodi.

You've found your way here, so that tells me you are confused and hurting.

Maybe you don't even know much about the autism spectrum, and you're pretty scared - because a lot of what you've read is daunting.  Or maybe you've known about autism for a while, but you're worn out.  

You want so badly to be happy, and to have the great relationship that you imagined - but, you're wondering if those hopes and dreams will ever become a reality.

I understand you.  I've been there, myself.

I've met countless women who are in relationships like yours.  You are my people and I'm here to help.

I want you to know that it IS possible to have a satisfying and fulfilling relationship with a man on the autism spectrum! 

BUT...the way you've been doing your relationship isn't going to work.  It ISN'T working.  There's a very specific reason for that, and it's not your fault.  It's not his fault.

Counseling won't help you (I know - I'm a licensed counselor) because those models weren't designed for autism spectrum relationships.  Counseling will make things WORSE.  (Scroll down this page to see my video about this).

I want to share with you what I have figured out that actually WORKS for women and couples in autism spectrum relationships.

It's truly life changing!

I look forward to helping you discover a whole new world of possibility in your relationship and in your life!

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