Hourly coaching is helpful for individual partners or couples who are needing short-term, goal-focused assistance, and solutions. 

Book a coaching call with Debbie if:

  • You suspect you, or your partner, has autism, but you need help figuring it out without having a formal assessment.
  • You've just learned you, or your partner has autism, and you're confused about what it all means.
  • Your partner is unwilling to participate in coaching, and you need some emotional support.
  • You need help understanding the traits and characteristics of autism, and how it's influencing your own relationship.
  • You are struggling with codependency, boundaries, and loss of your own identity to the relationship.
  • You are autistic (or suspect that you are), and you need guidance for understanding your neurotypical partner.

HOURLY COACHING FEE:  $125 per session.

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Hi I'm Debbie King.

I am excited to be on the Spectrum Relationships team and joining in the quest to provide informed support and understanding around Neurodiverse relationships.

A bit about me…  I have been a qualified counsellor in the UK for over 14 years but after the discovery many year ago that something different was going on in my marriage I turned my focus to Aspergers (high functioning autism).   I have since coached and mentored hundreds of couples needing help navigating their relationships.

It is my passionate belief that coaching in this field needs to be from those who have experienced it.  While qualifications and academic knowledge is invaluable, actually living with people on the spectrum means you "get it."  My clients are constantly relieved that finally someone ‘gets them’ often after years of confusion. 

As a neurotypical,  NT is my first language but I have learnt the AS language, as well. 

I'll help you translate what is going on in your relationship. Let me help you heal that hurt and get to know one another in a whole new way. 

In private coaching, I will help you explore where you are in your relationship and help with the next steps.

I look forward to meeting you soon!