About Jodi Carlton, M.Ed. & Spectrum Relationships


I am an internationally recognized adult autism relationship and neurodiversity expert.

My ground breaking coaching program helps individuals and couples understand their relationship dynamics through the lens of how each partner is different.

Differences include how they each perceive emotion and information, and how differently they use words, tone of voice, body cues, and context to communicate. Most couples misinterpret the meaning of their interactions leading to perceived criticism, disappointment, and rejection. A nasty cycle of painful fighting and conflict reinforces a widening gap in the relationship.

Many couples ultimately find themselves on the brink of relationship failure - two people who actually love each other, but don't know HOW to "do a relationship" without hurting each other.

My 5-Step program Crack the COMMUNICATION Code © program is totally transforming relationships that are dying into couples who are thriving.

Spectrum Relationships also offers a free COMMUNITY for people to interact with each other and with me about neurodiverse relationship dynamics.

We provide free education on multiple social media outlets including Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and TikTok.

I host a free Q & A on YouTube bi-weekly.

Courses, webinars, and coaching groups, as well as private coaching are available as well.


I was licensed as a professional counselor for 20+ years in the state of Georgia in the United States before I transitioned to full-time coaching. In addition to my expertise in autism/Aspergers (15+ years), I am trauma informed, and certified in Accelerated Resolution Therapy, as well as hypnosis. I have extensive experience with anxiety-related challenges and acquired/ traumatic brain injury (ABI/TBI).

I received a bachelor's degree from University of West Georgia in 1997 and a masters degree from University of Georgia in 2000.


Jodi Carlton - Adult Autism Relationship & Neurodiversity Expert November 2018 - Present

I am an adult autism and neurodiversity expert, and my ground breaking coaching program helps men and women understand their neurological and social/relational differences in order to avoid the devastation of relationship failure.

I help men and women who are hurting and doubting their relationships obtain insight into the root causes of their challenges; gain clarity about saving the relationship or leaving it; and develop implementable strategies to achieve much-desired happiness and fulfillment.

I provide free resources through multiple social media and private platforms. Webinars, courses, group coaching, and private coaching are available as well.

My 5-Step "Crack the Communication Code ©" program assists individuals, and couples, in mastering the 4 stages of communication that I have identified as critical neurodiverse couples.

Helping Hearts Counseling and Coaching Licensed Professional Counselor
August 2014 - September 2020 

Provided counseling and consulting services to individuals, couples, and families via face-to-face and virtual platforms.

Provided comprehensive coaching and counseling services for families and individuals at every stage of the autism journey.

- Hosted adult education workshops and seminars.
- Improved compliance through formulation and enforcement of standard policies and procedures for HIPAA and client communication.

Stepping Stones Counseling
Licensed Professional Counselor
March 2009 - May 2014 

Owner of private practice providing clinical services to teens and adults for clinical areas such as anxiety, depression, grief, traumatic brain injury, and autism.

Professional trainer for continuing education.

Berry College
Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology August 2007 - May 2008 

Full-time course instruction. Complete course creation and determination of curriculum using institutional course requirements. Provided instruction using advanced technological means such as PowerPoint, multimedia tools, and online discussion forums. Utilized online course management system.

Provided ongoing academic counsel and assistance to students in order to aid in academic growth. Supervised personal assistant.

Courses included:

Introduction to Psychology and Abnormal Psychology

Stepping Stones Professional Counseling and Personal Development
Licensed Professional Counselor - Business Owner
July 2003 - March 2007

Owned and managed a private counseling practice offering individual, family, and group therapy to clients adolescent to adult for clinical areas such as anxiety, sensory difficulties, autism, depression, anger-management, relationship difficulties, and brain injury.

Performed psychometric assessments in the areas of intelligence, personality, attitude, achievement, aptitude neuropsychology, and vocation.

Behavioral health educational workshops provided to various community groups.

Training provided to healthcare and support staff in residential and rehabilitation facilities regarding the psychological impact of brain injury.

Sponsor and presenter for professional continuing education workshops.

Instructor for a parenting class sponsored by the Department of Family and Children Services.

Provided group and individual clinical supervision to associate licensed professional counselors.

Administrative and clinical supervision to one employee, an associate licensed professional counselor.

Brenau University
Adjunct Instructor
August 2003 - May 2005 

Course instruction, including selection of text and other classroom materials, complete course creation and determination of curriculum using institutional course requirements.

Utilized advanced technology for classroom learning, online student discussion, and interactive lesson modules. Utilized online course management system.

Courses included: Introduction to Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Graduate Ethics

Advantage Behavioral Health Systems: Child and Adolescent Services
Licensed Associate Professional Counselor
January 2002 - July 2003

Provided counseling and case management to high-risk, and severely emotionally/behavioral challenged children and adolescents. Supervised a home-based treatment team of 4 social service technicians. Provided triage treatment to walk-in clients.

Headway Ireland - Brain Injury Services and Support Program Manager
September 2000 - December 2001

Developed counseling program for Dublin Region of Headway Ireland,
the National Brain Injury Association. Worked with individuals who had experienced traumatic and acquired (stroke, tumor, etc.) brain injury. Many of my clients struggled with issues such as memory, focus, concentration, physical disability, personality change, anger, and grief. Led support groups with individuals and family members affected by brain injury.


The University of Georgia
MEd, Guidance and Counseling · (1998 - 2000)

University of West Georgia BA, Psychology · (1997)


Licensed Professional Counselor (Voluntarily inactive)

Issuing authority: Georgia State Composite Board

Issued Jul 2003; Expired Sep 2020 (Voluntarily placed inactive)

License ID: LPC003878


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